About Sïmon

Welcome and thanks for taking your time to read more about me.

Briefly, I'm an award-winning geek with substantial experience in the online industry. In the late nineties, I decided to become an entrepreneur and from that point, developing successful e-businesses has been one of my greatest passions. I founded my first startup at 16 years of age and have since started over a dozen different companies.

In the last decade, I have held several executive positions and advisory roles in global companies. I'm also a frequent speaker at some of Europe's largest e-business conferences.

Who Am I?

I'm a tech-savvy guy who loves the online industry. Media claim that I'm a well recognized figure within the Swedish e-community.

What do I do?

A lot! Having said that, most of what I do is connected directly or indirectly to my new venture Wellstreet.

What Have I Done?

I have previously founded and conducted dozens of businesses in several markets and verticals.

Where Am I?

I'm Stockholm-based but I travel a lot and am a frequent keynote speaker around Europe.

Wanna Talk e-Business?

Do you have any questions, or is there anything in particular you want to talk about?
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